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Internet website was created for printing house "Spausdinimas plius"

Solandra - wholesale and retail of high-quality beauty products

Website presenting Clinic services created for Vilnius Medical Clinic Narmeda

A website was created for the grain purchasing and export company UAB Ekogrūdas.

Santera - BUILDING, RENOVATION, HEATING. Wholesale and retail: building materials, plumbing and heating equipment

UAB Soliris, based on the total sales of oils and lubricants, is a leading company in the Lithuanian market.

UAB Vytis invest - an innovative and ambitious company that is rapidly developing and introducing new solutions to the market.

The electronic bookstore has one of the largest assortments in Lithuania. Books at the best prices!

SCANDYE is a Scandinavian textile dyeing company. Field of activity - dyeing of fabrics and knitwear.


You want your business to be known and discoverable quickly? In this case, your business needs to become known on the Internet too. We,  company “E-svetainė”, will create easily controllable and visually perfect website for you, as we are in this business since year 2008.



Exceptional company website design creates the first impression about you. It helps to keep visitors on your website, has impact on your business expansion and profit. Attractive web design can also attract more visitors, which means more future clients. So, if you would like to expand the number of visitors and increase your profit - contact us. We will create a website design, which will attract visitors' attention, and will match your needs.



Branding - it's the face of your company or service/product. In order for it to be attractive to look at and to represent company's activities and values - contact us. We will create the branding, which will match your needs



Company logo - it's the basis of company branding, according to which, the whole company branding/image is being created and displayed to the public. Here, we can strongly claim, that creation of the company logo is a very responsible process, which requires time, knowledge, and understanding of the market. This is exactly what we are offering to our clients.



In order to have a website, which would be easily operated - you would need to start by selecting a content management system (CMS). Our mission is to help you and your project select the correct one. We offer a wide selection of CMS' - anything from our custom (in-house created) si.te.Admin and Web Dev, both of which can be modified according to the clients' needs, to open-source CMS' like WordPress, PrestaShop, Magento, etc. After going through all the nuances of your project, we can advice you on which CMS suits your needs the best.



We are offering not only website design and creation services, but other services as well - like customer relationship management (CRM) system. The mission of the CRM system is to ease the communication with the clients, documents, and to protect the information in your possession. By using our CRM you will not encounter leaks of information.



Personal company "Jauna Reklama" offers the services of hosting to its' clients too. Website hosting is a type of service, which allows individuals and organizations to have their website accessible via the World Wide Web. We have strategic partnerships with JSC "Interneto vizija" and JSC "Hostex". JSC "Interneto vizija" also owns services like,,



ARTPRO team has come together so that they can use their knowledge and long years of experience in order to become your partner in the field of advertising production.

Mostly, ARTPRO specializes in outdoor advertising solutions, but we are also able to create designs, layouts, and prints. We are an all-round company, which produces all of its' products in-house, thus eliminating the "middle-men". We always see into the needs of our clients and are aiming to find the most suitable solutions, so that the end result is the way the client expects; so you can contact us with all of your advertising needs. More about ARTPRO can be red at:



Websites and e-shops development. Recent works.


Įmonė: UAB Ausga

Veikla: Dažai maisto, chemijos, naftos pramonei- didmeninė, mažmeninė prekyba.

Įmonė : UAB Bilagra  

Veikla: Didmeninė prekyba Belarus MTZ, T-40, T-25 traktorių dalimis
D&D Turbo Power Berlin GmbH

Užsakovas: D&D Turbo Power Berlin

Veikla: turbokompresoriai

Įmonė: UAB RSD Group

Veikla: Vykdo veiklą automobilių detalių pardavimo bei nekilnojamo turto ir investicijų srityse

Veikla - Elektroninių paspirtukų ir jų aksesuarų prekyba
UAB Ramiga

Įmonė : UAB Ramiga  

Veikla: gyvenamųjų pastatų statyba
Mažeikių Varduva, UAB

Įmonė: Mažeikių Varduva, UAB 

Veikla: Didmeninė ir mažmeninė prekyba statybinėmis ir apdailos medžiagomis.
S.Videikos įmonė „Santera“

Veikla: Didmeninė mažmeninė prekyba statybinės medžiagos santechnikos šildymo įranga įrankiai tvirtinimo elementai durys apdaila sodo parko technika ...

Aprašymas: sukurta svetainė su individuliu dizainu
UAB "Soliris"

Imonė: Uab "Soliris"

Veikla: dismeninė ir mažmeninė prekyba tepalais
Magnaplast Sp. Z. O. O, Kauno Filialas

Imonė: Magnaplast Sp. Z. O. O

Veikla: Didmeninė prekybą lauko ir vidaus santechnikos, kanalizacijos vamzdynais.
Deloitte Lietuva, UAB

Įmonė: Deloitte

Veikla - Deloitte, tai prekės ženklas, jungiantis dešimtis tūkstančių profesionalų, dirbančių įvairiuose „Deloitte" padaliniuose visame pasaulyje.  kurie teikia klientams audito, mokesčių ir teisės, finansų konsultacijų, verslo konsultacijų ir rizikos valdymo paslaugas
UAB "Solandra"

Įmonė: UAB Solandra
Veikla: didmeninė ir mažmeninė prekyba kosmetika ir grožio priemonėmis.
UAB "Ramduva"

Užsakovas: UAB "Ramduva"
Veikla: knygų leidyba, prekyba
UAB "Voxbaltica"

Veikla: Betono ir gelžbetonio gaminiai

Aprašymas: Sukurtas internetinis puslapis su papildomais moduliais.
Spaustuvė "Spausdinimas plius"

Veikla: Mažų tiražų spaustuvė.

Aprašymas: Sukurta interneto svetainė su individualiu dizainu ir papildomais moduliais.
Lean Profesionalų Asociacija

Veikla: Tvaraus Lean diegimas įmonėse ir organizacijose, konferencijų organizavimas.

Aprašymas: Sukurtas internetinis puslapis su individualiu dizainu ir papildomais moduliais.
UAB "Vytis invest"

Veikla: Vyno reikmenų, aksesuarų mažmeninė ir didmeninė prekyba.

Aprašymas: Internetinei elektroninei parduotuvei sukurti ir įdiegti papildomi moduliai.
UAB "Narmedos medicina"

Veikla: Privati klinika.

Aprašymas: Sukurta interneto svetainė su individualiu dizainu ir papildomais moduliais.
"Moterų ekspresas"

Veikla: aktyvios treniruotės moterims.

Aprašymas: Sukurta interneto svetainė su šabloniniu dizainu ir papildomais moduliais.
UAB "Jusena"

Veikla: Didmeninė ir mažneninė prekyba. Dovanos įvairioms progoms.

Aprašymas: Sukurta šabloninė Opencart svetainė su prekių katalogu.
UAB "Baltuvos projektai"

Veikla: Įmonė, atliekanti kelių, gatvių, aikštelių bei įmonių teritorijų horizontalaus ir vertikalaus ženklinimo darbus.

Aprašymas: Sukurta interneto svetainė su papildomais moduliais.