Would you like to renew your current or create a new website, eShop, or portal?

Are you trying to achieve that your new project would attract a solid flow of visitors, keep them engaged long enough, and would present the information to them in a comfortable manner? Would you like that the creators of the website and the website itself would be reliable? Would you like to eliminate problems like website functionality and expansion possibilities? If you have answered "yes" to any (ar all) of the questions - you have come to the right place. And these are not empty promises. At the time our meeting (or teleconference), we will present to you the undeniable proof, which shows, that the projects we have created, are achieving the above mentioned objectives and bringing in the tangible benefits.

Personal company "Jauna reklama" has been established and in business since year 2000, so we can be proud of the huge experience we have in the website development business. Because of this reason, we are offering our clients services, which consist of quality, matching clients' needs and jobs done on time. Our main areas of business are:

ecommerce solutions;
website development;
servers and warranty.

Additional services:

logo design;
banner design.

Throughout many years of creating and servicing websites and eShops, we have achieved a lot. We have created over 1000 various Internet projects and have hosted over 500 websites.